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6 million registered .nl domain names

In the start of 2020, the demand for domain names with .nl-extensions showed an unprecedented increase. .nl Domain names are more popular than ever.

6 million registered .nl domain names

The Dutch domain name industry has reached a milestone

6 million registered .nl domain names

In june 2020, the Dutch domain name industry reached a milestone. More than 6 million domain names with a .nl-extension have been registered.

“An explosive demand for .nl domain names”

Demand for .nl domain names increases dramatically

No one expected this milestone so early. The demand for .nl domain names increased a lot in the start of 2020. Although there has been no specific research into this sudden increase, experts believe that it has to do with COVID-19. People have more spare time, which means they start more (online) businesses.

Increase in popularity for .nl domain names

The rise in demand for .nl domain names emphasizes that the .nl extension is gaining popularity i nthe Netherlands. It’s no surprise, especially if you look at the benefits a .nl domain name brings to the table. Customers feel more safe when they do their online shopping on a .nl domain. Do you want to know more about the benefits of having a .nl domain name extension? Check out our ‘Benefits of a .nl domain name‘-page.

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