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Rent domain name

Renting a domain name

Domeinenbank also aids you with renting a domain name at Domeinenbank. As a tenant, you have the full right to use the domain name and you pay a low monthly rent. We also have a rental promotion of 90% discount on the first six months.

Frequently asked questions about domain rental

When you rent a domain, you will be able to use that domain to its full extent. The only difference with domain purchase is that you will not become the owner of the domain. The upside, however, is that you pay a tiny monthly fee compared to paying the full purchase price. This way, you can use your rental period as a trial to see if the domain is working out for you. Whether you want to keep renting indefinitely, or choose to purchase within or after your rental period is up to you!

Right now, we temporarily offer a 90% discount on your first six months of domain rent. Depending on the quality of the domain, this means that you will pay an amount even less than 10 euro per month. As you start your seventh month, this discount ends and the rental fee will go back to its normal amount. Along with this generous discount, we have also dramatically lowered all our rental fees – permanently. Renting a domain has never been cheaper!

Within the first year of your rental contract it is possible to purchase the domain for a fixed price – this instantly terminates your rental contract at no additional cost. If you later decide that the domain simply isn’t working for you, you won’t have to worry about the contract as it is terminable with a minimum notice of 1 month. Please contact us for more details on our rental terms.

After sending in your inquiry, we will contact you as soon as we can. A Domeinenbank employee will then lead you through the entire process. As soon as we have reached an agreement regarding the price, we will send you the rental agreement, along with an authorization form to authorize the payment of the monthly rental fee. As soon as these forms have been signed by both parties, you can get started right away.

Because has been active in the domain business for over twenty years, we are able to determine sensible, market-level prices for domains. Since 1999, we have built up a vast archive of detailed information on tens of thousands of domain names. This includes amount of inquiries, visitor numbers, search engine volume, purchase-, selling and rental prices and more. Depending on the type of domain (domains regarding first names, last names, abbreviations, city names, etc.) we use various additional factors to reach a realistic and well-founded price. If you wish, we can always further elaborate our pricing process.

Having a good, specific, eye-catching domain name is very important. The domain name (URL) of your website directly influences how many visitors your online venture will attract. A quality domain name makes you stand out, attracts potential customers and improves the chance these customers will be able to find their way back to your website.

A well-suited domain name aids your position in Google, and keeps your brand ‘top of mind’. Additionaly, having a professional domain name combined with the appropriate extension helps your trustworthiness. A vague domain name with an unfamiliar extension might be cheap, but it won’t make your visitors feel at ease!

Yes to both! At the start of your first rental year, we will agree to a fixed purchase price which stands for that entire year. This offer expires as your first contract expires/is renewed. This is when we adjust the purchase price to reflect the current market conditions and to take inflation into account. As the renter, you will always have the first option to purchase the domain, even after your first year of rent. If a different party makes an offer for the domain you are currently renting, we will always notify you first. This way, you remain in control.

We usually work with payment through direct debit, which means the monthly rental fee will be collected automatically. To authorize this, we will send you an authorization form to sign before your rental term starts. You can leave the rest to us. Of course, you will receive an invoice for every transaction. If direct debit is not an option for you, we are happy to discuss alternative payment methods (full payment in advance, longer rental terms, etc).

Yes, the rental agreement is terminable with a minimum notice period of 1 month. Our current 75% discount does not change this. You will find all conditions regarding cancellation, along with the other terms, in our rental agreement which is signed by both parties.

When you rent a domain, that domain will no longer show as being for sale or rent. In our 20+ years of experience, we have never had to terminate a rental agreement because we received an ‘offer we can’t refuse’ from a different party. Additionally, as the renter you will always have the first option to purchase the domain. If another party shows serious interest while you are renting, we will always contact you before we engage with the other party. We would like to stress that this situation is highly hypothetical – it has never occurred before.

There is none! Domeinenbank values transparency as much as you do. We thoroughly inform all of our customers about our terms and conditions beforehand. Both parties sign a rental contract that clearly states all terms and conditions. No trap doors and no hidden fees!

Domeinenbank has been active in the domain business since 1999. Since our establishment, we have successfully sold and rented out thousands of domains. With over 21 years of experience, we know exactly what our customers need which is why we pride ourselves in being a trustworthy partner in domain name sales and rental for all.

At this moment it is not yet possible to view all domain names we have to offer. The ‘Similar domains’-section at the bottom of the page can point you in the direction of domains that might be of interest.

It will soon be possible to access our database of available domains. You will be able to search within this database using various filters, which makes it even easier to find your desired domain!

Looking to rent a domain name? Contact us!

The benefits of renting a domain through Domeinenbank

Full usage rights for the domain

When you rent a domain, you receive the full usage rights for that domain. You will be able to use it for your website, to make email addresses with, etc. - generally, you can do anything you would be able to if you owned the domain, but for a much lower monthly fee!

Low monthly fees

The most important difference between purchasing and renting a domain is the investment. Renting a domain means paying a much lower monthly fee in exchange for the full usage rights of that domain. For many of our customers, it really is the best of both worlds!

First purchase option

While you are renting a domain, you do not have to be afraid that someone buys the domain and takes it from you. The renter always has the first option to purchase their domain. You remain in full control, which means you can take your time to invest and grow your domain at a steady pace without worry.

Terminable monthly without risk

For a very low fee, you can start using this domain to check whether it works out for you. If it doesn't, you are free to terminate the rental agreement with a minimum notice of 1 month.

Temporary 75% discount on rent

Renting a domain has never been cheaper! We currently offer a 75% discount on the first six months of your rental period. You will still be able to terminate your rental contract with a minimum notice of 1 month.

Domeinenbank as your trusted partner

Domeinenbank has been active in the domain business since 1999. With over 21 years of experience, we know exactly what our customers need which is why we pride ourselves in being a trustworthy partner in domain name sales for all!

Want to know more about buying a domain?

In addition to renting domains, you can also buy domains through Domeinenbank.

When you buy a domain, you wil become the sole owner of that domain in exchange for a one-time investment. We will calculate the domain purchase price using ten different factors, which means we can always guarantee our prices are in line with market conditions. Many of our customers are new with domain purchase, which is why we assist our customers every step of the way. We make sure the domain transfer happens smoothly and safely, so you can get started with your domain right away!

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