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Rent domain name

Renting a domain name

Are you looking to rent a domain name? In addition to buying domain names, Domeinenbank also aids you in renting domain names. Renting a domain name is a smart option for start-up businesses or temporary projects. It enables you to use a domain name without a significant financial commitment.

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Why is it important to have a good domain name?

Having a good, specific, eye-catching domain name is very important. The domain name (URL) of your website directly influences how many visitors your online venture will attract. A quality domain name makes you stand out, attracts potential customers and improves the chance these customers will be able to find their way back to your website.

A well-suited domain name aids your position in Google, and keeps your brand ‘top of mind’. Additionaly, having a professional domain name combined with the appropriate extension helps your trustworthiness. A vague domain name with an unfamiliar extension might be cheap, but it won’t make your visitors feel at ease!

Choosing a domain name extension

Which domain name extension should I choose? We hear this question all the time. Basically, it depends on your target audience and the magnitude of your project. Are you based in the Netherlands, providing services for a Dutch target audience? ‘.nl’ is your extension of choice here. International projects, preferably in English, perform better with the ‘.eu’ or ‘.com’ extension.


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