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Why is renting a domain name the right choice for me?

Our domains are not only for sale, but also for rent. Thankfully, renting a domain is always a safe and smart option...
domeinnaam huren

The domain names that you can find on, for example in the shop, are not only for sale, but often also for rent. When it comes to domain names, renting is always a safe and economical option. We’d like to explain to you how this works.

Do I still pay the main price after a rental period?

Renting a domain name is not free. We have determined a rental rate per domain name in consultation with the domain owner. We understand that in addition to the costs, you want to understand the process before you start renting. For some people, renting sometimes feels like you are putting your fate in someone else’s hands. Fortunately, this is not the case with When you rent a domain, you remain in control:

  • Only a tenant can terminate a lease. The domain name cannot be sold to another party while you are renting.
  • A ‘buy now’ price is determined before you start renting. This price remains valid for 12 months. Even if your project on the rented domain name quickly becomes very successful, you still pay the pre-agreed price.
  • A rental agreement can be canceled monthly. If your idea doesn’t work, or if you don’t have time for the project, you can cancel the agreement in a heartbeat.

Renting for 1 year sounds good, but how does it work long-term?

Renting a domain name does not necessarily lead to a purchase. There are a lot of scenarios in which you could prefer renting over buying. In some cases it is nice to pay low monthly costs, just like with web hosting for example. This leaves room for large investments, for instance: buying products or services that help your company, or that big holiday that you have been saving for.

The rent increases every year according to the most recent inflation figures from the Dutch Statistics Bureau (CBS), with a minimum of 5%. For example: if you pay €25 rent per month this year, you will pay around €26.25 per month the following year. As you can see, the cost increase remains relatively low. Even with more valuable domains, the increase will not be egregious.

Similarly, you don’t have to be worried about unpleasant surprises concerning the ‘buy now’ price either. This purchase price is re-determined every year and, like the rent, rises with the inflation rate.

I want to rent a domain name. What are the next steps?

Nice to hear! You have a number of options to contact us directly:

  • Go to the domain name of your choice and fill in the contact form there. You will then receive an email with an overview of the costs. If you have any questions after this – feel free to ask!
  • Send an email to [email protected]. Provide your contact details and tell us that you want to know more about renting a specific domain name. We will then contact you shortly to discuss the details.
  • Call or WhatsApp us directly on 06-23 37 75 14. We are ready to answer all your questions and will guide you smoothly and personally with the rental of your domain name.
    What is useful to know when renting a domain name is that you still have to take out a hosting package. A domain name is not the same as a web host. Not tech savvy? No problem – Domeinenbank ensures that you can start using the domain name right away!