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Domain name trends: Your first name as a domain name

'First name'-domains carry much more value than just sentimental value! Domeinenbank is experiencing a significant change in the market regarding these domains....
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At Domeinenbank, we maintain large domain portfolio’s, which means we receive countless of domain inquiries daily. We can safely say that this grants us a unique view of domain name trends in many different markets. It is not uncommon when a certain type of domain name gains a significant amount of popularity in a short amount of time. Not only does this influence our sales strategy, but it also directly influences the value of these domain types. Supply and demand is still a very important factor in determining the value of a domain, after all.

The most significant trends we have been able to detect this year so far, can be divided into the following categories:

  • First names
  • Last names
  • Location names
  • Climate / environment – related terms

Needless to say, first names are a fairly timeless domain category. If you are expecting a child, chances are you already checked the availability of the domain matching your baby’s name. Up until recently, most ‘first name’-domain inquiries came from proud parents, or people who simply wanted to claim their name for bragging rights or email addresses. These types of clients have recently found very strong new competitors for these ‘first name’-domains: influencers, artists and online personalities. Turns out they’re not just content with their TikTok- or Youtube channels and are looking to branch out!

Influencers go for their own first name

If you have a large online following, and you mostly operate on online channels, you can proudly carry the title ‘influencer’. What we have noticed is that this group no longer solely operates through their social media-channels, but is more often than not also looking to grow their brand in other places as well. Part of this grand strategy usually starts with obtaining a short, catchy and most importantly premium domain. Anything but the most optimal form of their designated brand name, channel name or catchphrase simply will not do. The matching email address is also a very important factor, of course. This development in domain name purchasing is quickly changing the commercial value of a large number of ‘first name’-domains with premium extensions.

Your first name as product- or company name

Alongside the trend mentioned above, a first name can also be used by companies to establish a fun brand name that is easy to remember. There’s camping equipment called ‘Isabella’, bed linen called ‘Cinderella’, anything with ‘Max’ is now tied to Formula 1 and if you’re looking for a new home, will be able to help you out. These are just examples of brands that use a first name for a more positive, recognizable and trusted vibe. Since first names are easier to promote, they represent a lot of value for commercial purposes.

In short, domains containing a first name now carry a lot more value than just sentimental value! How much value does your first name represent? Are you curious whether your first name’s matching domain is still available? Check our shop, or contact us directly to find out!