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Where can I buy / claim a domain name?

How to obtain a domain name

Are you looking to buy a domain name matching your new project or oganization? Your first step is learning where you need to be to acquire said domain name. This page has all the information you need before buying or claiming a domain name!

Claiming a new domain name or buying an existing domain name?

When buying a domain name you have two options: claiming a new domain name, or buying an existing domain name. If you’re lucky, your desired domain name has not been taken yet. Sadly, many domain names have already been taken by now. Don’t feel bad: you’re not the first one to find out your desired domain name has been taken already. Now you have two choices: contact the current owner of your desired domain name for a possible purchase, or shift focus to a cheaper, less strong domain name.

How to register a domain name?

There are multiple sites that allow you to register a domain name. Googling ‘register domain name’ should do the trick. The websites that appear will be able to help you choose a domain name along with an appropriate domain name extension.

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Obtaining an occupied domain name

Is your desired domain name already occupied? You could try to contact the domain name owner to make an offer. You will find that not every owner is ready to part with their domain name. The parties on whose behalf negotiates are! If your desired domain name is part of our portfolio, chances are you will be able to purchase it. Please fill in our contact form to find out more!

What is the value of a domain name?

A domain name’s price tag depends on many different factors. Are you trying to claim a previously unclaimed domain name, or is your desired domain name already taken? Most strong domain names are occupied already – this means you will have to spend more to get your hands on one.

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Is your desired domain name already taken? We provide counsel and mediation, or help you find an appropriate alternative.


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