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Removing a domain name from quarantine

Forgot to extend your domain name registry?

If you forget to extend your domain name, there’s a chance the domain name will still be in ‘quarantine’. You might be able to re-register the domain name if this is the case. Domain names that have not been extended are placed in ‘quarantine’ temporarily. During this period, the original owner is the only one who can take it out of quarantine.

How can I see if my domain name is in quarantine?

How to check whether your domain name is still in quarantine – Go to your registrars website and log in. You should be able to view quarantined domain names in the domain name overview. Act quickly: domain names will not be kept in quarantine forever. When a domain name leaves quarantine, it’s up for grabs!

The cost of removing your domain name from quarantine

In most cases there is a fee attached to removing domain names from quarantine. How much you should pay depends on your registrar. Contact them, or check the fee in the panel dedicated to quarantined domain names.

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