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How to choose your domain name extension? (.com / .eu / .nl)

How to choose your domain name extension? (.com / .eu / .nl)

What domain name extension should I choose? Your choice should depend on a couple of important factors.

What is a domain name extension?

Before we explain why it is important to have the right domain name extension, you need to know what a domain name extension is. A domain name consists of two elements: the domain name (the part that comes after www.) and the extension (.com/.nl/.eu, etc.). The domain name extension signifies your geographical target audience.

The best domain name extension for you

By simply using the internet you will encounter many different domain name extensions. We will list the more common extensions below.

Are you the owner of a Dutch company, and is your target audience Dutch? A .nl extension is the best option for you!

Is your company internationally oriented, and is your website in English? Chances are a .com extension will be the best choice for your domain.

Is your company from Belgium? Are your customers primarily Belgian? The .be extension should be your priority.

Are you looking to speak to a European target audience? Is your company mainly English-speaking? You might want to consider a .eu domain name. Try to get the .com extension along with it!

Is your online platform non-profit and solely informative? The .info extension might be the right choice for you!

Improve your website's performance with the right domain name extension

Will a certain domain name extension make me perform better in search engine listings? Short answer: yes! A domain name extension that meshes well your target audience will help your ranking within search engines.

Be sure to register multiple extensions

When claiming your domain name, you’re not limited to one domain name extension. Claiming a domain name with multiple domain name extension can be a smart decision. It prevents other people from claiming similar domain names, and it sets you up for future expansion. The .com-version of your domain may not match your company’s scope right now, but future ventures might call for a more internationally oriented domain name!

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