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Buy is currently up for auction!

Are you interested in obtaining the domain name Great timing! This domain name is currently in the possession of one of our customers, and has been made available for purchase exclusively through our online platform.

This domain name has been put up for auction. That means all interested parties are free to place a bid within a limited timeframe. You can place a bid by completing the form on the right side of this page.

Shortly after, we will contact you to verify your bid. At this point we will also inform the other active bidders that the auction status has changed.

As soon as someone outbids you, we will inform you right away. You can then decide to increase your offer immediately – either by completing the form again, or by contacting us via mail or phone. We will be available through all possible contact options.

After the auction closes, we will contact the highest bidder to start the domain name transfer. 

Join in before it’s too late, and place your bid!

The power of has been in rotation since 1999 and the domain name has been used by several websites. At that time, offering online games of chance on the Dutch market was not permitted. 

As of recently this market is legalized, and it will be possible for domestic and foreign providers to offer online games of chance. Starting 1 October 2021, providers can offer online games. 

This is why is the perfect domain name to have.

The importance of a good domain name

Having a good, specific, eye-catching domain name is very important. The domain name (URL) of your website directly influences how many visitors your online venture will attract.

 A quality domain name makes you stand out, attracts potential customers and improves the chance these customers will be able to find their way back to your website.

A well-suited domain name aids your position in Google, and keeps your brand ‘top of mind’. 

Additionaly, having a professional domain name combined with the appropriate extension helps your trustworthiness. A vague domain name with an unfamiliar extension might be cheap, but it won’t make your visitors feel at ease!

About this auction

Start bidding now!

Bid must exceed the current winning bid by at least 5%. Right now, this means your bid should be at least €105,000.

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Once you’ve placed a bid, we’ll keep you updated on the progress of the auction. If there is a new bidding higher than yours, we will inform you as soon as possible, so that you can increase your own bid if necessary. Because the highest price can always be found publicly, you know immediately where you stand. This way, you never bid too much!

We will contact the highest bidder as soon as the auction ends.
Only when this party wishes to withdraw their bid for valid reasons, we will contact the person who subsequently submitted the highest bid.
If you want to assure yourself of the future ownership of this domain name, it is therefore most advisable to make sure that you are the one with the highest bid on the expiry date.

Only the highest bid to date will be published on the site. Your name, e-mail and/or telephone number is only used to contact you and will not be published on the site. We keep your data private and safe.

When you’ve placed a bid, we will inform you as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone about relevant changes in this auction. You don’t have to worry about running out of time to take action!

We know you sometimes hear stories about ghost bids at these kinds of auctions, which increase the price of the auctions. That’s definitely not the case. We check every bid that is made immediately. This is done automatically and in addition, a Domeinenbank employee will contact each party as soon as possible. The relevant bid will only be published after verification has taken place.

Of course. Look for all contact options on our contact page.

The owner of the domain name has communicated a minimum price to us. You can imagine that a premium domain name like this cannot be sold for a few hundred euros. However, given the high demand for this domain name, it is expected that this minimum amount will most likely be reached at an early stage.

That depends on the rules that apply in the country on whose behalf the offer is made.
The offer you make must, in any case, be in euros and exclusive of VAT.
When drawing up the invoice for the highest bidder, we naturally take the applicable VAT rates into account.

First, we will contact the highest bidder after the end date of the auction to discuss everything. Secondly, a purchase agreement and invoice will be made. Finally, both parties have signed the agreement and the bid is transferred, you will receive the transfer code. If you wish, we can use an independent third party such as SEDO or Escrow to oversee the transaction (buyer will pay possible additional fees) After receiving the transfer code, you can start immediately!

Contact us if there is a question you want to ask about this auction. Look for all contact options on our contact page.

About has been a specialist in selling, renting, valuing and purchasing domain names since 1999. We follow developments within the domain name industry closely and have more than 20 years of experience in the domain name industry. Domeinenbank is part of UP Internet and is located in the heart of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Our team consists of 10 employees, who are ready to help you from our headquarters!

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