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Welcome to Domeinenbank! As a broker we have been active in the domain business since 1999. With Domeinenbank it is possible to buy and rent domains.

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The prices for buying and renting are not available yet.

Please use the form below to request these prices. We will contact you within two working days to discuss your options. 

The benefits of choosing Domeinenbank

Personal contact with our team

Always have an expert at your disposal to guide you through the process.

Safe and trusted domain transfer

We work with legally sound agreements and transfer codes.

Domain experts since 1999

Thousands of happy customers found their desired domain with our aid.

Your personal contacts in Domeinenbank

Jeroen Roelofs
Joey Groters
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Customer reviews

Nico Oud
Nico OudBuyer of
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"In order to strengthen my brand, I bought through It didn't take long for my investment to pay dividends. Team Domeinenbank guided me through every step with professional care."
Dick de Krijger
Dick de KrijgerBuyer of
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"Domeinenbank helped us purchase an important domain for our mid-long term strategy. Thanks to their swift follow-up, clear communication and guidance during negotiations we were able to acquire the domain name on short notice."
Tom, of Storm Media
Tom, of Storm MediaBuyer of
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"We are an advertising agency and we acquired for our customer through We are very satisfied with their quick response time and the smooth way they handled things."

All about renting and buying domains in one video

When you buy a domain, you purchase the domain from the current owner definitively. Prices generally vary from a thousand euro to much higher.

When you rent a domain you can use the domain to its full extent in exchange for a low monthly fee. Ofcourse on favorable terms for you as a renter.

This video further explains how buying and renting a domain works.

Request the price of

The prices for buying and renting are not available yet.

Please use the form below to request these prices. We will contact you within two working days to discuss your options. 

Frequently asked questions

Ever since it has been possible to register domains in The Netherlands, millions of domains have been claimed. This means that today, almost all premium domains are occupied already. Even though many of these are not and have never available, the domains we offer are for sale! Domeinenbank mediates the entire sales process between domain owner and buyer. With our help, you may be able to obtain your desired domain name!

Having a good, specific, eye-catching domain name is very important. The domain name (URL) of your website directly influences how many visitors your online venture will attract. A quality domain name makes you stand out, attracts potential customers and improves the chance these customers will be able to find their way back to your website.

A well-suited domain name aids your position in Google, and keeps your brand ‘top of mind’. Additionaly, having a professional domain name combined with the appropriate extension helps your trustworthiness. A vague domain name with an unfamiliar extension might be cheap, but it won’t make your visitors feel at ease!

Because has been active in the domain business for over twenty years, we are able to determine sensible, market-level prices for domains. Since 1999, we have built up a vast archive of detailed information on tens of thousands of domain names. This includes amount of inquiries, visitor numbers, search engine volume, purchase- and selling prices and more. Depending on the type of domain (domains regarding first names, last names, abbreviations, city names, etc.) we use various additional factors to reach a realistic and well-founded price. If you wish, we can always further elaborate our pricing process.

Domeinenbank has been active in the domain business since 1999. Since our establishment, we have successfully sold and rented out thousands of domains. With over 21 years of experience, we know exactly what our customers need which is why we pride ourselves in being a trustworthy partner in domain name sales and rental for all.

At this moment it is not yet possible to view all domain names we have to offer. The ‘Similar domains’-section at the bottom of the page can point you in the direction of domains that might be of interest.

It will soon be possible to access our database of available domains. You will be able to search within this database using various filters, which makes it even easier to find your desired domain!

We would love to assist you! Please check all our contact options on our contact page.


Established in 1999, Domeinenbank is specialized in the selling, renting, appraising and buying of domains. We closely follow all developments within the domain business using our 22+ years of experience in our field.

Even though many different domain owners have sold their domains through us, we see ourselves as domain brokers. We can help you with all questions and inquiries regarding your or other people’s domains!

Domeinenbank is a part of UP Internet, a company that operates from the city center of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Our team consists of 10 professionals who cannot wait to help you with all your domain needs!

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