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What’s new in the field of domain names? Domeinenbank keeps you updated! Read up on the latest trends and developments in our sector.

The market value of a quality domain name

Many people wonder why registering a good domain name is important. Everything you need to know about the benefits of a good domain name!
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“Why I invested in a premium domain name”

Despite the fact that I already had a decent domain name, I still invested in a premium domain name. I'll share with you my thoughts and motives as to why I did this, and how glad I was the domain name was part of Domeinenbank's portfolio.
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6 million registered .nl domain names

In the start of 2020, the demand for domain names with .nl-extensions showed an unprecedented increase. .nl Domain names are more popular than ever.
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Domain names explained

We use them daily, but what are domain names exactly? Curious how it all started? Wondering why domain names even exist? This page has all the information you want...
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Domeinenbank takes a giant leap forward

Domeinenbank is always looking for ways to improve. Recently, we made a few big and positive changes. Curious what these changes mean for you?
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