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Domeinenbank takes a giant leap forward

Domeinenbank is always looking for ways to improve. Recently, we made a few big and positive changes. Curious what these changes mean for you?

Domeinenbank takes a giant leap forward

Domeinenbank has made improvements to offer customers an even more pleasant experience. What does this mean for our customers?

A new, fresh face

People who frequent our website might have noticed: we made some changes to! We gave our website a new, fresh lick of paint and made many infrastructural improvements.

“A new website is only a small part of the leap forward Domeinenbank has made”

A new website as part of a giant leap forward

Even though we’ve been thriving for over twenty years, Domeinenbank refuses to sit still. There’s always room for improvement – substantively, but also visually. Our range of services is larger than ever, and our processes have been optimalized even more than they already were. What better moment to reveal our new logo and website? - our new services

Along with selling and renting domain names, Domeinenbank now also offers three completely new services. From now on we will also appraise domain names , or sell your domain name for you. Additionally, you can call us for professional advice and mediation.

Secure your desired domain name today!

Ideal for start-ups and temporary projects.

Are you looking to buy or sell a domain name? Play it safe – allow us to appraise your domain name.

Selling your domain name? We help you get the best price!

Is your desired domain name already taken? We provide counsel and mediation, or help you find an appropriate alternative.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.